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Can you name the Fall songs from which these lyrics are taken?

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Snow on Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ in reverse
Olympic bidding again and again
The singer is a neurotic drinker, the band little more than a big crashing beat
Amex card - they made such a fuss about giving it to me but I spend more time getting it turned down
Chickens coming home to sit on your shoulder bone
That's why I broke his jaw, that's why I'm doing time
And you're sleeping with some hippie half-wit, who thinks he's Mr. Mark Smith
If you're like me you're a complete and utter pranny, you'll know what I mean when I say recipe
I stick my Parker pen under my ear, beneath my own carefully scruffed hair
Monday night at operation control, I sat facing rows of monitor mountains
To wear Chanel, you have to shave first
Serial number 54129
When what used to excite you does not, like you've used up all your allowance of experiences
According to the postman it's like the bleeding Bank of England
A pop star in your cell
I keep on knocking but there's no bugger in
McGinty thought he could fool the Fall
Everybody hears the hum at 3am
Unfortunately, this being East Germany, Gert patriotically volunteered to be sent on a labor beautification course of the countryside north-west of Dresden
Jeanette Fletcher is strange but not in a horrible way

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