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QAOther Stuff
How many people are in Jack's family? (including parents)
What is his intro as of 2017?
What is his alter (evil) ego?
Where is Jack's girlfriend from?
What is key?
What was his band's name?
What did Jack go to college for the SECOND time?
Who is he 'married' to?
Finish the quote: 'I multiplied a shark!?________!!' (The Forest)
What did Jack go to college for the first time?
QAOther Stuff
Finish the quote: 'Oh come on, Mama! Its just a ____________________.' (Tattletale #2)
What colour did Jack dye his hair?
Finish the quote: 'Limber, loose, __________!!' (Happy Wheels)
What does he give at the end of his videos?
Who is his YouTube boyfriend?
What is Jacksepticeye's real name?
How tall is Jack?
What stops The Squatch?
What is his outro song? (2017)
Who is his girlfriend? (5/7/17)

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