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LyricsSong NameBand
Now if the promoter don't mind and the roadies don't mind, We can take a little time and we'll leave it all behind.Jackson Browne
Heartless challenge, Pick your path and I'll pray, Wake up in the morning, See your sunrise loves to go down.Fleetwood Mac
There are stars in the Southern sky, Southward as you go there is moonlight.The Eagles
You need coolin' baby, I'm not foolin', I'm gonna send you back to schoolin'.Led Zeppelin
Early in the evening, just about supper time, Over by the courthouse they're starting to unwind.Creedence Clearwater Revival
Love is like a bomb baby c'mon get it on, livin' like a lover with a radar phone.Def Leppard
Woe to you o' Earth and Sea for the Devil sends the beast with wrath.Iron Maiden
You cry to weak friends that sympathize, Can you hear the violins playing your song?Pantera
I journey through the desert of the mind, with no hope, I found low.Queens of the Stone Age
Stay with me, My love I hope you'll always be, Right here by my side if ever I need you.Genesis
You could have a big dipper, going up and down, all around the bends.Peter Gabriel
Really don't mind if you sit this one out, my words but a whisper your deafness a shout.Jethro Tull
Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed cause were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed.Meatloaf
There's a killer on the road, his brain is squirmin' like a toad.The Doors
He doesn't wanna make it cry or sing and an old guitar is all he can afford.Dire Straits
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past with your nerves in tatters as the cockleshell shatters.Pink Floyd
I met you on somebody's island, you thought you had known me before.Steve Miller Band
Ain't no use in complainin' when you got a job to do spent my evenings down at the drive in and that's when I met you.Bryan Adams
So long, I've been looking too hard, I've been waiting too long, Sometimes I don't know what I will find.Foreigner
The roses in the window box have tilted to one side, Everything about this house was born to grow and die.Elton John
She was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes and points all her own sitting way up high.Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
Black-roof country, no gold pavements, tired starlings. Silver horses run down moonbeams in your dark eyes.Cream
The music is reversible, but time is not.Electric Light Orchestra
Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long.Styx
Jump back, what's that sound? Here she comes full blast and top down.Van Halen
Well I tried to make it Sunday but I got so damn depressed that I set my sights on Monday and got myself undressed.America
Say I got in trouble, trouble in my eyes, I'm just looking for another good time.Mötley Crüe
Everybody knows your fate, you're everything I **** hate and I'm everything thing that you could never be.Godsmack
I'll shine up the old brown shoes, put on a brand new shirt, I'll get home early from work if you say that you love me.Cheap Trick
I love you, I hate you, I can't get around you. I breathe you, I taste you, I can't live without you.Saliva
If you want it you're gonna bleed but it's the price you pay and you're a very sexy girl whose very hard to please.Guns n' Roses
And I don't need you to be by my side to tell me that everything's alright, I just wanted you to tell me the truth, you know I'd do that for you.Hoobastank
Take that look of worry, I'm an ordinary man, they don't tell me nothing so I find out what I can.Phil Collins
I can hear you coming, we know what you're after, we're wise to you this time, we won't let you kill the laughter.Red Rider
LyricsSong NameBand
It's the edge of the world and all of Western civilization. The sun may rise in the east, at least it settled in a final location.Red Hot Chili Peppers
Well I'm taking my time, I'm just moving along. You'll forget about me after I've been gone.Boston
On my death bed I will pray to the Gods and to the angels like a pagan to anyone.Audioslave
Here you are down on your knees again trying to find air to breathe again.Flyleaf
And before the day was through we could torch a car or two then have ourselves another tall boy, yeah.The Offspring
Hush little baby don't say a word and never mind that noise you heard.Metallica
Holding on to let them know what's given to me, given to me. To hide behind the mask this time and try to believe.Disturbed
Who's sleeping on my side of the bed tonight? Have you ever cried so hard? Baby you just died.Atreyu
Why do we never get an answer when we're knocking at the door? With a thousand million questions about hate and death and war.The Moody Blues
Home in the valley, home in the city, home isn't pretty, ain't no home for me.Blue Öyster Cult
Cause you gotta be bigger, be faster, be stronger if you're gonna survive any longer.Papa Roach
Like throwing away an old toy, some babe's talkin' real loud, talkin' all about the new crowd.Aerosmith
I got a certain little girl, she's on my mind, no doubt about it she looks so fine.Deep Purple
Get on your knees and let the games begin, bow to your queen and I will crown your head.Halestorm
The brain needs oxygen, can't sneak around this bait, his catacomb has got me by the chin.Chevelle
Who's to know if you soul will fade at all? The one you sold to fool the world.Seether
But I know the neighborhood, and talk is cheap when the story is good and the tales grow taller on down the line.REO Speedwagon
In the silence of her mind quiet movements where I can find grabbing for me with her eyes.The Guess Who
Well I don't know why I came here tonight, I got the feeling that something ain't right, I'm so scared.Stealers Wheel
We hear you're leaving, that's okay, I thought our little wild time has just begun.Steely Dan
So wild, standing there, with her hands in her hair, I can't help remember just where she touched me.Steve Winwood
What'll you do when you get lonely and nobody's waiting by your side? You've been running and hiding much too long.Derick and the Dominoes
I won't stand in your way, let your hatred grow, and she'll scream and she'll shout and she'll pray. And she had a name, yeah she had a name.Muse
Must be your skin that I'm sinking in, must be for real 'cause now I can feel.Bush
Your eyes tell the stories of the day you wish you could recall the moments that once have.Coheed and Cambria
I will wait for you, pray for you, before I make my final run, I will stay with you, decay with you.Demon Hunter
I walk along the avenue, I never thought I'd meet a girl like you, meet a girl like you.A Flock of Seagulls
It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes, but it might just save your life.Huey Lewis and the News
Oh no, here it is again, I need to know why did i choose to betray you, Something wrong with all the plans in my life.Lacuna Coil
My heart is old it holds my memories, my baby burns like a gemlike flame.Mr. Mister
The secret side of me I never let you see I keep it caged but I can't control it. So stay away from me, the beast is ugly.Skillet
Caught on a one-way street, the taste of bittersweet, Love will survive somehow, some way.Journey
Well if this whole crusade's a charade and behind it all there's a price to be paid for the blood on which we dine.Nine Inch Nails
You know I've been mistaken but just give me a break and see the changes that I've made. I've got some imperfections but how can you collect them all and throw them in my face?Staind
LyricsSong NameBand
You're in a uniform so you won't be ignored, you are affected and so you're accepted.Mindless Self Indulgence
Too many people stepping over me, the only thing that's been on my mind is the one thing I need before I die.Three Days Grace
All you've ever wanted was someone to truly look up to you and six feet under water I do.Linkin Park
Sometimes I feel the uncertainty stinging clear and I can't help but ask myself how much I let the fear take the wheel and steer.Incubus
You can't quit until you try, you can't live until you die, you can't learn to tell the truth until you lie.Sixx A.M.
I appreciate your judgement, it's proved I can't trust a word you say.A Day To Remember
I stopped an old man along the way hoping to find some forgotten words or ancient melodies, He turned to me as if to say, Hurry Boy, it's waiting there for you.Toto
When time soaked with blood turns its back, I know it's hard to fall. Confided in me was your heart, I know it's hurting you but it's killing me.Avenged Sevenfold
I know that I can stand my head high, forget not where I fall, Still I find why and reason.All That Remains
I don't wanna blame this on you, I know I gave it all I can. No I'm not gonna blame this on you.Bullet for my Valentine
Watch your head spin, like a meso-cyclone, bouncing off the walls now there's no where to run.Shiny Toy Guns
Shiny diamonds, like the eyes of a cat in the black and blue, something is coming for you.Dio
It's the way she looks at me sentences me to collect the head of anyone, collect the head of those who look her way. It's the way her whispers seem to kiss my ear.It Dies Today
So helpless, guess what you're out of time. New aliens spawn, we reinvent the dawn.Orgy
Hate well has run dry, fill it with.. _________________Lamb of God
Whenever I'm alone with you, you make me feel like I'm home again.The Cure
I wanna feel a kiss just crush me and break me down.. Knock me out, knock me out, cause I've waited for all my life to be here with you tonight.Kill Hannah
A certain girl she took my hand and ran it up her thigh, she licked her lips and pulled my hair, I'd fall in love for a night.Escape the Fate
Went to a party, I danced all night, I drank 16 beers, and I started up a fight.The Dead Kennedys
I don't wanna leave her now, you know I believe in hell. Somewhere in her smile, she knows that I don't need no other lover.The Beatles
I know they're watching, watching, all the commotion the kiddie like play, has people talking, talking.Kings of Leon
Now you give me something I need and I want it, I got something for you.Bad Company
Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste, I've been around for a long, long year.The Rolling Stones
Once I rose above the noise and confusion just to get glimpse beyond this illusion, I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high.Kansas
I don't mind you coming here and wasting all my time, cause when you're standing oh so near, I kinda lose my mind.The Cars
Who needs a house out in Hackensack? Is that all you get for your money?Billy Joel
Woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand, whose wine? What wine?Peter Frampton
Cold late night, so long ago when I was not so strong you know, A pretty man came to me never seen eyes so blue.Heart
Well I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind, I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time.3 Doors Down
It's early morning, the sun comes out, last night was shaking, pretty loud.The Scorpions
Oh, He don't know so he chases them away yeah, Oh someday yet he'll begin his life again.Pearl Jam
I know, I know, you'll probably scream and cry that your little world won't let you go.Jimi Hendrix

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