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Forrest's Home town
Where Forrest's father was during his childhood
Person Forrest was named for
Forrest's favorite drink
Legendary football coach who Forrest played for
Forrest observed a speech by this person at University of Alabama
Forrest's Army buddy (who he was of no relation)
Forrest's lady friend of questionable character
Legless comrade of Forrest
Forrest's body part that got shot
President that Forrest mooned
Forrest ruined this group's party
Forrest inspired John Lennon to write this song
Forrest's mom would chase these off the back porch with a broom
'Fruit' Company that Forrest invested in
Forrest's mom really cared about his
Forrest could run like
Forrest's favorite book
Forrest's sole purpose in the Army
Forrest's mom thought life was like this
Brand of Forrest's ping pong paddle
Forrest sat next to girls in this class
In Vietnam, Forrest and Co. were always looking for a guy named
Length of time Forrest ran for

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