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Can you name whether these facts are true for (P)yongyang or (S)eoul?

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True for (P) or (S)?Capital (P) or (S)Extra information
Home to the largest indoor theme park in the world
Founded in 1122 BC
Capital of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
Closest to the Korean Demilitarized Zone*
Home to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun
The 1988 Summer Olympics were held here
Name means 'flat land' in Korean
Korean magpie is its official bird
True for (P) or (S)?Capital (P) or (S)Extra information
Largest population
Home to the largest stadium in the world
Home to the headquarters of Samsung and LG
Gangnam Style refers to the lifestyle associated with one of this city's districts
A 22 meter high statue of the country's founder is located in this city
Located on the Taedong River
Once known as 'Jerusalem of the East'
Hanoi, Vietnam is a sister city

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