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Can you name whether these facts are true for (F)reetown or (L)ibreville?

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True for (F) or (L)?Capital (F) or (L)Extra information
Area around this city was previously inhabited by the Mpongwé tribe
Former British colony
Home to the St. Michael's Church
Time zone: West Africa Time
Founded on March 11, 1792
Presidential palace occupied by Ali Bongo Ondimba
Capital of Sierra Leone
Close to Akanda National Park
True for (F) or (L)?Capital (F) or (L)Extra information
Port city on the Komo River
Home to the historic King's Gate
Home to the historic Cotton Tree
Struck by the Ebola virus outbreak in 2013-2016
Is supposedly named in imitation of the other
Closest to equator*
Population over 1 million
Home to the Fourah Bay College

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