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Can you name whether these facts are true for Buda(P)est or Bucha(R)est?

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True for (P) or (R)?Capital (P) or (R)Extra information
Is nicknamed 'Little Paris'
Capital of Romania
Is an UNESCO World Heritage site
The Széchenyi Chain Bridge connects the two parts of this city
The Sziget Festival is held here
The ruins of the ancient city of Aquincum can be found here
The Danube flows through this city
True for (P) or (R)?Capital (P) or (R)Extra information
Occupied by German forces during World War I
Home to one of the Patriarchates of the Eastern Orthodox Church
Largest metropolitan area
Located in the Carpathian Basin
Time zone: Eastern European Time
Home to Arcul de Triumf
Once was the residence of the famous Vlad III the Impaler

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