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The first US NAVY submarine
A german pocket battleship
The first nuclear powered submarine
The first ship sunk by a naval mine
The first ship in the world to have a rotating gun turret
A battleship that mysterously exploded
The fastest liner ever built
Can refuel every 20 years
The largest cruise ship capsieze
hit an iceberg in the north atlantic
hitler last submarine
Captain hooks ship
A landmark in pearl harbour
Winston churchchill annouced 'sink the _______'
the first american sunk ship of WW2
Noah bulit it to save the animal and family
The largest wooden ship in the world
The most decorated battleship in US
The first iron plated ship in the world
A ship that was decommished in after WW2 but now stands in pearl harbour
the biggest battleship in the world
the first battleship
The first ship to use nuclear engines
John F Kennedy used this boat
The oldest still intact ship in the world
The largest sailing yacht in the world
The first submarine in the world
the ship christopher columbus used
The first ship in the world to sink via submarine
The last built british cruiser in the world

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