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Names of Samus's parents.
This is what the Chozo called Metroid Prime.
This is another name the Space Pirates had for Ridley in Metroid Prime.
These are the names of the two Space Pirate research labs in the Phendrana Drifts.
Name of the Chozo temple in the Phendrana Drifts.
The maximum number of missles you can carry in Metroid Prime 1,2, and 3.
The maximum number of energy tanks you can have in the Metroid series.
Name of the Space Pirate frigate in Metroid Prime.
Name of the planet Samus was born on.
Thardus was a result of this Space Pirate project.Name of the project
Main predator of the Phendrana Drifts.
This is what phazon meteors are called.
This Chozo was Samus's foster father.Name of the Chozo
HintAnswerExtra Info
Name of the room where Samus encounters Flaahgra in Metroid Prime.
This substance can be destroyed by power bombs in Metroid Prime.Name of the substance
Planet of the Metroids.Name of the planet
This is another name the Space Pirates had for Metroid Prime.
This is what the Chozo called phazon.
This Space Pirate project involved combining phazon with Space Pirate DNA.Name of the project
These two creatures are common in the Tallon Overworld.Name of the creatures
This suit protects Samus from extreme temperatures.
Space Pirates trained for stealth operations.
These Metroids have the ability to split into 2 forms.
The 'Deleter' in Metroid: Other M.
First trooper of the 07th platoon to turn up dead in Metroid: Other M.

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