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Who is the first pharoh of Egypt?
Which Roman emporer built a wall in the Britania region of the Empire?
Istanbul was formally called what?
Which wars were fought between the Roman Empire and the Carthaginians?
In what year did Alexander the Great die?
Who won the battle of Hastings?
How many christian crusades were there?
This man founded the Lutheran branch of christianity?
This treaty divided the Western Hemisphere between Spain and Portugal?
Diplomat sent to France during American revolution?
This Native American tried to create a unified indian confederation to stop the manifest destiny of Americans?
President that purchased Louisiana territory from France?
War that resulted in White House burning down?
Andrew Jackson's nickname from the War of 1812?
Russia adopted this policy during Napoleanic War and World War 2?
What was the first battle that started the American Civil War?
At what fort did the US national anthem got its inspiration from?
The sinking of this US ship brought tensions higher during World War 1?
Who was the last monarch of Russia?
Which revolution in Russia brought communism to Russia?
When did America's Great Depression begin?
Japan invaded this area in 1931?
What was the operation name of German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1940?
Which German general adopted the nickname 'desert fox' during World War 2?
The United Nations replaced what world order?
Joseph Stalin died in what year?
What was the name of the first satellite launched?
In 1968, the turning point of the Vietnam War?
The last president of the USSR?
This country was formally called Zaire?

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