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When did the USA declare independence?
The states ratified this after independence?
When was the Constitution adopted?
This president purchased the Louisiana territory?
The war of 1812 ended in what year?
This battle was fought after the war of 1812 ended?
Doctrine that claimed the USA as father and peacekeeper of the Western Hemisphere?
Which area declared its independence from Mexico during the Mexican-American War?
The Civil War broke out in what year?
What famous battle took place in Pennsylvania?
Who was the president of the Confederacy?
Who introduced Amancipation Proclamation?
Rise of industry in America brought forward this movement?
During World War 1 the US wanted to remain...
Paris Peace Conference resulted in the creation of the?
The banning of alcohol from 1919-1933 was called?
The Wall Street crash of 1929 caused?
Roosevelt introduced a series of recovery programs known as the?
Major event of 1941?
This man eventually became supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe?
German offensive against US forces in Ardennes Mountains region of Wallonia?
US dropped Atomic bombs on which two Japanese cities?
Which emerging power challenged the US after World War 2?
The competition between the US and USSR created the?
In order to keep the balance of power the US and USSR had alliances, the US's was?
USSR's was?
The Cold War ended in what year when the USSR collapsed?

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