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Bill Gates$67 Billion
Warren Buffett$53.5 Billion
Larry Ellison$43 Billion
Charles Koch$34 Billion
David Koch$34 Billion
Christy Walton$28.2 Billion
Jim Walton$26.7 Billion
Sheldon Adelson$26.5 Billion
Alice Walton$26.3 Billion
Jacqueline Mars$17 Billion
Phil Knight$14.4 Billion
Abigail Johnson$12.7 Billion
Ray Dalio$12.5 Billion
Anne Cox Chambers$12 Billion
Harold Hamm$11.3 Billion
Jack Taylor$11 Billion
Charles Ergen$10.6 Billion
Pierre Omidyar$8.7 Billion
James Goodnight$7.7 Billion
Donald Newhouse$7.3 Billion
John Mendard, Jr.$7 Billion
Micky Arison$5.7 Billion
Dennis Washington$5.2 Billion
Richard DeVos$5.1 Billion
Thomas Frist, Jr.$4.8 Billion
Patrick McGovern$4.7 Billion
Leslie Wexner$4.5 Billion
Bruce Halle$4.2 Billion
Barbara Carlson Gage$4.1 Billion
Ken Geffin$4.1 Billion
Gayle Cook$4 Billion
Ted Lerner$4 Billion
Steven Rales$3.8 Billion
Robert Holding$3.2 Billion
Mary Alice Dorrance Malone$2.7 Billion
Anita Zucker$2.6 Billion
B. Wayne Hughes$1.95 Billion
Jim Justice, II$1.7 Billion
Jonathan Nelson$1.5 Billion
Tom Benson$1.2 Billion

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