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Can you name the what state these athletes are from?

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Forced Order
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Willie Mays
Wilt Chamberlain
Clayton Kershaw
Yogi Berra
Goose Gossage
Bill Russell
Matt Harvey
Gale Sayers
Shane Victorino
Phil Jackson
Arian Foster
John Stockton
Paul Silas
Jacoby Ellsbury
Larry Bird
Harmon Killebrew
Mike Devito
Babe Ruth
Dick Butkus
Jim Thorpe
Eli Manning
Michael Jordan
Adam Vinatieri
Mike Trout
John Buck
Paul Konerko
Deion Sanders
Chris Carpenter
Demarco Murray
Haloti Ngata
Alex Gordon
Kevin Garnett
Oscar Robertson
Joe Thomas
Jim Kleinsasser
Kevin McHale
Muhammad Ali
Carlton Fisk
Will Montagomery
Stephen Curry
Elgin Baylor
Chris Paul
Delino DeShields
Scottie Pippen
Bob Feller
Ted Williams
Curt Schilling
Jerry West
Magic Johnson
Ty Cobb
Kevin Durant

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