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Can you name the word that completes the titles of these books in the Baby-Sitter's Club series?

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TitleMissing WordYear of Publication
Kristy's _____ Idea1986
Claudia and the _______ Phone Calls1986
The _____ About Stacey1986
Dawn and the Impossible _____1987
Claudia and ____ Janine1987
The _____ at Dawn's House1988
Jessi's Secret ________1988
Mary Anne's Bad ____ Mystery1988
Kristy and the Walking ________1989
Mallory and the Trouble with _____1989
Dawn on the _____1989
Mary Anne and the Great ________1990
Mary Anne and Too Many ____1990
TitleMissing WordYear of Publication
Dawn and the _____ Boy1990
Kristy's Mystery _______1990
Jessi and the _____ School Phantom1991
Kristy and the ____ Parade1991
Mary Anne ______ Logan1991
Kristy for _________1992
Dawn Saves the ______1992
Jessi and the ___ Baby-sitter1993
Jessi's Horrible _____1994
Mary Anne and Miss _____1994
Claudia and _____ Peaches1994
Claudia and the First ____________1995
Mary Anne and the _______ Garden1996

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