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►Rotund UFC 6 tournament runner-up
Metamorphic mineral used in powder
Paul Bunyan. Example of a tall ____
►Before each fight: '[Rung above] of the ____'
►Coached against Rousey on The Ultimate Fighter
The T's in TTFN
Actress who played Big Lebowski's trophy wife
►Began UFC career with win over Sheila Gaff
Respiratory disease that broke out in China
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Ben Kingsley
►Former UFC Champ Frank and his wife
Russian aircraft
You've Got Mail actress and Family Guy's daughter
Video game robot hero: ____ Man
Classic Nintendo rival
►Rashad Evans by another name
Long, detailed story
Wore a meat dress: Lady ____
The Crips
►Nickname of Team Alpha Male head coach
The Backstreet Boys
►Marcus Davis' preferred grenade type
Put up a picture
Slang for well-endowed male
►Joined UFC with losing record. 2001 K-1 Champ
Barbie's Ken: a ____ of plastic
Clothing for corn
►Georges St-Pierre by another name
Miami Heat third wheel
►Former UFC champ and sometimes pro-wrestler
Married David Beckham
Christopher Robin's best friend
Sound something makes when it disappears
►Part of the horse Overeem would not eat
►A. Silva twice lost by different forms of ____
Use your eyes
Bank robber's bounty
►Gerard Gordeau's result against Royce Gracie
Willie Wonka: 'You ____! Good day, sir!'
Doctor prescribed amount of TRT
►Tito Ortiz in Dana White's eyes
UNC rival
►Last Strikeforce Middleweight Champ
Barry Sanders' specialty
►First Strikeforce Middleweight Champ to vacate
Makes you laugh
►First UFC Featherweight Champ
►Ariel Helwani's most distinctive feature
Passed in class
►Younger of the mean-mugging 209 bros
Top of the head
Glass sheet in a window
Clint Eastwood directs/stars in ____ Rider
Feeling of gloom
Beyond the ____
►Mr. Wonderful

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