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►UFC champ before Anderson Silva
Abbreviation for a state and a Great Lake
Rolling Stones singer
►'The Horror' Story
Boston Bruins play in one
►Used in Pride in lieu of the Octagon
A step on a ladder
►Korean Zombie family name
Chubby North Korean dictator Kim ____-un
►Nick Diaz's prized possession
One alternative to italics
►Submission technique: toe ____
Past tense merriment on the Internet
Eddard Stak, ____ of Winterfell
Body of traditional knowledge
Italian currency plural
►Bruce Buffer: 'WE ARE ____'
Caused Darth Vader to put on the helmet
Superman's old fling
►Bald boss
►'Hendo' Henderson and 'The Outlaw' Hardy
Quick breath in the fifth round
Prefix if the cage had only five sides
►Held UFC belts at two weights
Ink devices
►Defended belt against fighter two rungs up
►Multiple winning rounds
Former MLB All-Star Martinez
►Former champ. 3-1 against Shamrocks
Birds found primarily in Europe; Blue ____
►Shortened slang for a martial art
Soccer uniforms
A toy one finds in the sky
Actress who played Rose in Titanic
Female horse over the age of three
►First UFC Heavyweight Champion
Kwik-E, K, or Wal
►Huge underdog. Won a title
Unit of power
Delay action
Oxen-drawn vehicle built by a wright
Go up in weight
►'Brown Pride' champ

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