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Can you name the events that took place in Kansas during the territorial period and Civil War?

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After the sack of Lawrence, Brown and a small group of men--including some of his sons--violently murdered five men living on this creek. While some justified Brown's actions, othe
Authored by Stephen Douglas, two territories were allowed popular sovereignty to decide if they would allow slavery in the territory before they became a state.
On October 25, 1864, approximately 2,800 Union troops attacked and defeated about 8,000 Confederates along the banks of a creek.This was one of the largest cavalry battles in the C
David Rice Atchison and Benjamin Stringfellow encouraged Missouri Border Ruffians to cross the border to vote in Kansas elections. As a result, this illegal proslavery legislature
A proslavery grand jury stated that the newspapers and the Free State Hotel were nuisances and could be 'removed.' Shortly thereafter, a proslavery mob attacked this town. Wiliam Q
In one of the last major acts of violence, eleven free-state men were taken from their homes in Linn County, lined up in a ravine, and shot. Five died, five were wounded.
The territorial legislature of 1859 approved a fourth and final constitutional convention near the Kansas River.
It reached its height of operation after the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.
A war that never really happened, but Samuel Jones was in the middle of it. Missouri bushwhackers raided a Union arsenal and rumors spread that they were going to attack Lawrence.

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