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Can you name the different historical perspectives during Bleeding Kansas?

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I feel slavery is morally wrong and must be abolished. I don't agree with John Brown's extreme actions, but I do believe Blacks should be free.
Kansas must be a slave state. I believe this so strongly that I crossed the border with my friends just to vote, then went back home to Missouri.
I'm against slavery because large plantations reduce the land available to farm. I do not like slavery, but I do not want blacks living here either
I escaped from my master in Missouri and came to Kansas because I believe I can live here free. But I find there are slaves here, too.
I was forced to move here and share lands with other tribes that were already here. Now the government has broken its promises once again, and we'll have to give up our lands to Wh
I fear that slavery will die if Kansas becomes a free state. I am willing to use violence to spread slavery
I believe in Manifest Destiny and desire to see the United States grow to the west coast.
I feel that slavery is morally wrong and I am willing to use violence to stop the spread of slavery

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