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look carefullywhat artist's lyrics are these
started where i started
I cannot waste no time, bitch, I'm really grindin' If I ever said, 'I love you', I was lyin' I **** with you but you was always like a side bitch Cause I can never put nothin' over
i was walking in the rain with my timbs on
my AR got jammed, you **** lucked up
My bank account caucasian but my side bitch is in Spanish
Skate on that bitch, 223, she pretty (Ayy) I'm off Ciroc, I'm a lot too lit
In the club too thick, everybody wanna hit She would not let 'em hit though, these **** broke and she know
I’ve been lonely in room Cause I don’t wanna lose my cool She put our problems on a stool And man I swear that **** was Cruel Was cruel
Bad vibe when I close my eyes, yeah Like X, put it on my eyelids Like X, ****, I'ma die rich

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