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Dry Heat Cooking Method
Typically in an oven 
Intense radiant heat 
Covering food completely with fat or oil 
Uses two pots, one on top of the other 
Uses a medium amount of fat or oil 
Fried quickly in a little hot fat or oil 
Gentle heating where emitted liquid evaporates 
Covering food with liquor and setting it on fire briefly 
Moist Heat Cooking Method
Make white or pale by extracting color 
Causes liquids to bubble and turn to vapor 
Fry food lightly and then stew it slowly in a covered container 
Cook by simmering in a small amount of liquid 
Heat liquid to near boiling point (typically milk) 
Cook below boiling point  
Cook food by heating it with moisture created from boiling liquid 
Part of an Egg
Yellow part 
White part 
Egg 'skin' 
'Empty' part of egg 
Part of a Knife
Often used for piercing 
Used for detailed/delicate cutting 
The cutting part of the blade 
Rear part of the blade 
Top of the blade 
The band that joins the blade to the handle 
Piece that extends into the handle 
Metal pins that join the handle to the blade 
The end of the handle 
Mother Sauce
Base: milk 
Base: white/clear stock 
Base: tomatoes 
Base: roasted stock 
Base: egg yolks and butter 
Cut of Beef
Contains: pot roast, shoulder steak, & boneless short ribs 
Contains: roast, steak, & ribs 
Contains: Porterhouse steak, T-bone steak, tenderloin roast 
Contains: tri-tip 
Contains: roast, Western griller, & sirloin tip 
Contains: self-named cut 
Contains: cross cut 
Contains: skirt steak 
Contains: self-named steak 
Espresso Beverage
Espresso + [nothing] 
Espresso + milk foam 
Espresso + whipped cream 
Espresso + steamed milk + milk foam. (More steamed milk than milk foam or espresso). 
Espresso + steamed milk 
Espresso + steamed half-and-half + milk foam 
Espresso + steamed milk + milk foam. (Equal parts of all ingredients). 
Espresso + chocolate syrup + steamed milk + whipped cream 
Espresso + water 

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