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The empty and searching streets, these gutters they warm my feet
When I have to die then I want to strangle myself in your black hair
I hypnotize with alibis and fingers made of lead
You are the sweetest disease for me
A token left with judgment a memento left ajar
If you don't know if you have found what you are looking for
Welcome aboard the crazy trip; Circle of fools say 'hi'
I don't need your contradictions, I'm not gonna play that role
Die Wunder dieser Welt werden dir geschenkt
Between the liquor, the bed, the noise in my head
Fatally, Beautiful and twisted, couldn’t help be drawn in
Me, Myself and I, Will defy, Promises in vain
This is the throne where hatred keeps
All we want is a headrush. All we want is to get out of our skin for a while
The pious pour their pity pure, I can sell a little cure
Blackened blood that stains this bed, My sweet addiction I thee wed
Cracking under pressure violently, Chaos eats away the best of me
A full three-sixty, A complete return
Yes, so the message goes, Like an insect in its death-throes
I am your holy totem, I am your sick taboo
Intimal, obsolete, I overslept, arrived too late
Chew it all up: Turn it around
Welcome back, here we go again, A beautiful girl and some dirty old men
When you peel back my eyes, I see the pain and feel alive
All you want is a scapegoat
Isolation. When you leave it's like I disappear
My motivations unresolved, Things are just never what they seem
Submit and reveal what you hide
You're so wonderful, Apple of everyone’s eye
I keep account of my hits and my misses
A tyrant is a man who allows his people no freedom
Don't say you can't, Just do what I would do for you
You think you’re better, two steps ahead, You got a long, long way to go
Caught a glimpse of madness, Virtual circus
A new revolution, The ultimate war
Watching you, Floodlights seal your fate
I went through too many people, I went through heaven and hell
One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go kids go
Don't give a damn what i say, Coz I’m out of my mind
That's the way of the world. What you waiting for?
Hopelessly retarded, Spluttering decay
Television, religion, social destruction. Sex and drugs, violent seduction.
I don't mind just what you say, I'll never hurt you baby anyway
I can hardly breathe, Lost and hopeless, down so low
Into this void I will give my self-control
God is born no place no time
The Twelfth Dimension, The Ultimate Blast
Divine inspiration, Total disillusion
Inter-planetary frequency. Alteration of destiny.
Deceitful, unforgiving. Whoever the hell you think I am

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