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Her previous name was Fletcher
He died from a Heart Attack in 1990
She was on the show from 8yrs old-28yrs old
Was Pippa's husband after Tom and drowned
I was on the show 1990-1993 I left to look after my baby and start a new life in Perth
I was a trouble maker at first
I was a teenage run way
I'm been on the show since 1988
I was Alf's wife until I died
I was Summer Bay High Principal from 1988-2003
I was an orginal Foster Child and had a famous twin
I dated Carly at the start of the show
I was a Foster Child of Pippa and Michael and had red hair
I was an orginal Foster Child and got married twice
I was the Summer Bay delquient according to Don Fisher then I was a Foster Child
I was a Cop from 1991-1994
I was an alcholic now I'm a Foster Mum
I'm a orginal Foster Child and very accademic
I'm Alf's daughter
I was a child Alf and Alisa looked after and my sister went to Jail
I was a child with a long background story and looked after by Alf and Alisa
I was an iconic character and appeared from 94-96 and a troublemaker Foster Child for Pippa and Michael

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