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How many routes are there? (spell out the number)
Who gave Koujaku his tattoos?
What is Mink's allmate's name?
What is Aoba's twin brother's name?
What was the name Sei used when trying to reach out to Aoba?
Who is older, Virus or Trip?
In Re:Connect, what is the title Mink's OST good ending theme?
what is the name of Clear's song?
What was Trip's original hair color? (from Re:Connect)
What kind of dog is Aoba's allmate?
Who kissed Aoba first?
What was the name of the three kids who mess with Aoba in Junk Shop Heibon?
Who was the creator of Platinum Jail?
What is the name of Mizuki's gang?
What does Koujaku work as?
What is Aoba's grandmother's name?
What is the name of Virus's Allmate?

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