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Can you name the Touhou fighting game songs?

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Reimu HakureiIaMP (Day)
Reimu HakureiIaMP (Night)
Marisa KirisameIaMP (Day)
Marisa KirisameIaMP (Night)
Sakuya IzayoiIaMP (Day)
Sakuya IzayoiIaMP (Night)
Alice MargatroidIaMP (Day)
Alice MargatroidIaMP (Night)
Patchouli KnowledgeIaMP (Day)
Patchouli KnowledgeIaMP (Night)
Youmu KonpakuIaMP (Day)
Youmu KonpakuIaMP (Night)
Remilia ScarletIaMP
Yuyuko SaigyoujiIaMP
Yukari YakumoIaMP
Suika IbukiIaMP
Reimu HakureiSWR
Marisa KirisameSWR
Sakuya IzayoiSWR
Alice MargatroidSWR
Youmu KonpakuSWR
Patchouli KnowledgeSWR
Yuyuko SaigyoujiSWR
Remilia ScarletSWR
Yukari YakumoSWR
Suika IbukiSWR
Reisen Udongein InabaSWR
Aya ShameimaruSWR
Komachi OnozukaSWR
Iku NagaeSWR
Tenshi HinanaiSWR
Reimu HakureiUNL
Marisa KirisameUNL
Alice MargatroidUNL
Patchouli KnowledgeUNL
Sanae KochiyaUNL
Hong MeilingUNL
Utsuho ReiujiUNL
Suwako MoriyaUNL
Final Boss ThemeUNL

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