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Can you name the Touhou character's songs?

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CharacterSong TitlesGame
RumiaEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
CirnoEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
Hong MeilingEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
Patchouli KnowledgeEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
Sakuya IzayoiEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
Remilia ScarletEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
Flandre ScarletEmbodiment of Scarlet Devil
Letty WhiterockPerfect Cherry Blossom
ChenPerfect Cherry Blossom
Alice MargatroidPerfect Cherry Blossom
Prismriver SistersPerfect Cherry Blossom
Youmu KonpakuPerfect Cherry Blossom
Yuyuko SaigyoujiPerfect Cherry Blossom
Ran YakumoPerfect Cherry Blossom
Yukari YakumoPerfect Cherry Blossom
Suika IbukiImmaterial and Missing Power
Wriggle NightbugImperishable Night
Mystia LoreleiImperishable Night
Keine KamishirasawaImperishable Night
Reimu HakureiImperishable Night
Marisa KirisameImperishable Night
CharacterSong TitlesGame
Reisen Udongein InabaImperishable Night
Eirin YagokoroImperishable Night
Kaguya HouraisanImperishable Night
Fujiwara no MokouImperishable Night
Reimu HakureiPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Marisa KirisamePhantasmagoria of Flower View
Sakuya IzayoiPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Youmu KonpakuPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Reisen Udongein InabaPhantasmagoria of Flower View
CirnoPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Prismriver SistersPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Mystia LoreleiPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Tewi InabaPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Aya SyameimaruPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Medicine MelancholyPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Yuka KazamiPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Komachi OnozukaPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Shikieiki YamaxanaduPhantasmagoria of Flower View
Minoriko AkiMountain of Faith
Hina KagiyamaMountain of Faith
Nitori KawashiroMountain of Faith
CharacterSong TitlesGame
Aya ShameimaruMountain of Faith
Sanae KochiyaMountain of Faith
Kanako YasakaMountain of Faith
Suwako MoriyaMountain of Faith
Iku NagaeScarlet Weather Rhapsody
Tenshi HinanaiScarlet Weather Rhapsody
Yamame KurodaniSubterranean Animism
Parsee MizuhashiSubterranean Animism
Yuugi HoshigumaSubterranean Animism
Satori KomeijiSubterranean Animism
Rin KaenbyouSubterranean Animism
Utsuho ReiujiSubterranean Animism
Koishi KomeijiSubterranean Animism
NazrinUndefined Fantastic Object
Kogasa TataraUndefined Fantastic Object
Ichirin Kumoi & UnzanUndefined Fantastic Object
Minamitsu MurasaUndefined Fantastic Object
Shou ToramaruUndefined Fantastic Object
Byakuren HijiriUndefined Fantastic Object
Nue HoujuuUndefined Fantastic Object

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