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'Sorry I'm late. I had other business to attend to'
'Still stalking me I see'
'Now Pitty, that was very NAUGHTY OF YOU!'
'But then it hit me, how am I suppose to steer without hands?'
''Absolutely, Lady Palutena' You're such a yes-man, Pit!'
'So you'd better not be thinking about anything naughty!'
'You know that saying that there are no bad questions? Well, there are. And this is one of them! WE ARE NOT THERE YET!'
'That... was... awesome!'
'G-force in my face!!'
'Tsk tsk, Palutena. Lies don't become a lady'
'Palutena's little messenger boy. And Magnus, it's always a pleasure'
'The Chaos Kin is going to destroy Pittoo!'
'That's where my reset bombs come in. To help return earth to it's natural state!'
'Hades keeps reviving me, but I won't play the puppet anymore!'
'Persistent, aren't we? It's just one fight after another, today is not my day!'
'Hotsprings don't usually heal humans. You must be having an effect on me'
'So you defeated the others, eh?'
'Get a room, lovebirds'
'The Mirror of Truth is just like that, it reflects the truth!'
'What is this? 20 questions?'
'Uh... Gesundheit?'
'Wait, what? No, those are MY pants!'
Ýou were attacking, I was busy! Leave me alone...'
'Our hero's looking a little goth today'
'The extra ´H´ is for HAMAZING!'
'I'll take care of him. But only after I finish you!'
'I'll return to Skyworld victorious!'
'Hey there, Pit Stain'
'You're a real go-getter, Dark Pit. I like that!'
'Ahaha! That's rich coming from you!'

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