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Oceanic 6 return on this plane to the islandA
when this character 1st meets the survivors he tells them he's Henry GaleB
Sawyer's daughter's nameC
stations around the island are called thisD
Nigerian character who becomes a priestE
Sawyer's real name (last name)F
actor who plays Hurley (last name)G
the state where Lost is filmedH
Sayid was a communication officer for the...I
the name of the hydrogen bomb on the islandJ
Michael's new name on the freighter in season 4 (first name)K
the name Sawyer uses when they all work for Dharma in the 70's (last name)L
the survivors call the black smoke that inhabits the island thisM
After Sayid leaves the island he marries this personN
the station of the dharma for time orientationO
Ana Lucia's occupation before the plane crashP
Locke is played by actor, Terry O'_____Q
the advisor for the others who never ages (first name)R
Jack's occupation before the crashS
the station where they develop chemical weapons and control gasesT
Flight 815 is supposed to fly from Australia to what country? U
Walt's Labrador retrieverV
What was Locke planning on attending in Austalia?W
Mr. Eko's brother who was a priestY
Either: Sawyer called Tom friendly this name or the actress's first name who plays IlanaZ

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