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QUIZ: Can you name the words or phrases that include the word 'fight'?

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(n): An altercation, usually physical, between 2 or more people:
An aerial combat taking place between more than one aircraft:
Christina Aguilera thanked us for making her this:
The first rule of this is that you don't talk about it:
Darth Vader piloted one of these:
Nickname of Notre Dame College sports teams:
Another name for a boxing match which rewards the winner:
Brave people cliched as pulling cats out of trees in the old days
Expression where someone is so angry, they could break out in violence:
An event usually in a school lunchroom where kids throw edibles at each other:
A biological response in animals when threatened:
A feline and a canine might do this:
Promotional name given to the first fight between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali:
A playful event commonly associated with sleepovers where people hit each other with soft objects:
Any military aircraft with an 'F' designation:
A musical piece used by sports teams (mostly collegiate) to increase crowd or team morale:
The Beastie Boys said 'You Gotta' do this in a 1986 song:
A game kids partake in while there's snow on the ground:
A video game series owned by Capcom that has spawned two live action movies:
What it's said you do when you use tactics on an enemy that they are using on you:

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