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Forced Order
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Well Ruby said you was wrecked But you never well behaved last time I checked
What this I once heard? You drive a bluebird You got no money for the petrol that's what I heard
Was here when your best friend said 'Sweetheart, I'm just here to get drunk again'
He lived down my street, owned a Jaguar No matter where you are that's a girlies car
I know I may be on a downer I'm still ready to dream
Well she not you, but you're not here Let's make it clear
Well you swear that you're original but I know I've seen those jealous eyes before
Call me up, take me down with you when you go I could be your regular belle
How can the things she said all possibly be true? That everything I ever got I give to you
But what do you mean you were born to love this scene?
Well it was some kind of house by some kind of road With some kind of peculiar dress code
Hemline rat bag. so they told her Last night's name tag across her shoulder
Get it right today and you may still be here tomorrow
And I can help her out but I've got somewhere to beAnd that's the very thing when you're dealing with me
Tell me something oh tell me true that you hate me as much as I love you
And it's no surprise when the last light dies and the girl upon the wooden floor won't be dancing anymore
They don't come much more sick then you I could go on if you want me to
Well you meant everything to them but you meant nothing to me
So let me in I'm ready to beg and to sing for my sins
I haven't seen a pupil in his eyes for sixteen days The catholic girls love him in a hundred million different ways
Give us a kiss and maybe we can go out It's hard to miss you when you follow us about
She would tell me a secret, I would lose it the next day

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