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QUIZ: Can you name the ULTIMATE SOUTH PARK QUIZ episodes 1-100?

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Forced Order
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What does Scott Baio give Cartman
What marches in, crawls up your leg and bites the inside of your ass
What is hunting sober like
Who is the voice of Sparkey the gay dog
What band wrote the song 'Pig and Elephant DNA Just Won't Splice'
How old is Grandpa Marsh
What is the most popular Halloween costume in South Park
What does Jesus weigh in at
What do the boys want to get for donating money to the Ethiopians
Instead of a snowflake, what does Kenny catch on his tounge
What is Ms Ellen supposed to use on the children if they get out of control
Who defeated Barbra Streisand
What does Cartman's bling bling say
What do Terrance and Phillip look for on the subway
What song can't Cartman leave unfinished
What member of South Park is dyslexic
Where does Ike go to excape his Bris
Who is the top dodgeball player in South Park
What is the name of Uncle Jimbo's and Ned's TV show
What animal does Ms. Crabtree threaten to kill if the children don't sit down and shut up
What song is played by the school orchestra at the Fourth of July fireworks show
According to Cartman, what are independent films always about
What does Cartman take a bath in when he has chicken pox
Name one line of the Cheesy Poofs song
What is the name of Cartman and Kenny's clubhouse
What is the name of the South Park carnival
Who is the first celebrity the boys visit for Chef Aid
What does Stan's Aunt Flo give him when she comes to visit
Who does Uncle Howard break out of jail
What does Tweek suggest for an oral report on current events
Where are the prehistoric ice man's clothes from
Who can't stay in time with the other dancers
What theory wins Randy Marsh the Nobel Prize for science
How do you kill a Succubus
What does Cartman have to think about when pooping
What fighting style is Craig trained in
What animal mascot tells kids to not look into the sun
Who does Shelly invite over to Cartman's house while she babysits during the meteor shower
Name two of the three kids Stan is locked in the basement with during the meteor shower
What does Moses demand at Jewbilee
What kind of songs does Cartman sing while pranking the fifth graders during Halloween
What Chinpokomon is also an article of clothing
What instrument does the Fonics Monkey play
What planet does Starvin' Marvin travel to to live on
What do the Confederates drink to get them ready for battle
During the Dreidel song, who does Gerald Broflovski sing about
Who asks God the one question
Who organizes the World Wide Recorder Concert
What organization do the boys help Loogi make money with
Who is the second fatest kid in South Park
What band is Timmy in
Where are the Quintuplets from
What 'mature' organization is Cartman the poster boy of
What celebrities voice the Mexican tampon salesmen
Which boys lead the side to keep South Park's flag the way it is
What is the name of the boys boy band
Who is the Priest in South Park
Which kid is aware that his church is a scam to make one million dollars
Who is the boy's original fourth grade teacher
Who travels back in time to destroy the trapper keeper
Timmy is casted as Hellen Keller in which musical
What animal are robotic guards for Miss Havisham
What is Kenny arrested for
Name one of the new cities formed when the parents are all arrested for molestation
Name one of Mr. Hankey's children
How many times is sh*t said in the episode 'It Hits the Fan'
Who is the gay Cub Scout leader that is fired
Who is the only non religious figure in the Super Best Friends
Who is Scott Tenorman's favorite band
Terrance and Phillip: Behind the _________
Name one of the two boys who are the first to be allowed into Cartmanland
What is the proper age for everyone to lose their virginity
What song does Towelie play on the security pad
What do the boys recieve in return for the money they send to kids in Afghanistan
What celebrity was born with a butt for a face
What product does cousin Kyle make a fortune on
What does lower case t stand for when on fire
What does Cartman make with his stem cells
What is Butter's favorite restaurant
What does Jared Fogel want to give everyone
To go faster on skis, what do you need to make your skis look like
What does Butters put on his chin to go on Maury Povich's freak show
What does Cartman have that he is needed to help rescue the baby cows
What is the name of Russell Crowe's boat friends
What is Professor Choas' first crime
Who is the second kid worshiped by the seaciety
Why can't anyone change the Holy Document of Vatican Law
Who does the South Park public want to be free
What activity do the boys teach Bebe
What does the kidnapper dress up like to get into Tweek's room
What country competes with the USA to reach heaven first
Where do the boys need to return the video to
What wax sculpture is real
What technique does Stan use to comunicate with the dead
What is the only show that Butters' future self watches
Where does Cartman need to deliver presents to to get on Santa's nice list
What is Earth
What gang does Jimmy and Timmy join
How do the boys get revenge for their detention from art class
Which founding father solves the Revolutionary War problem

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