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QUIZ: Can you name the ULTIMATE SOUTH PARK QUIZ episodes 101-200?

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What is the real name of Cartman's hand puppet
What is the boys' first real police assignment
What disease do the Native Americans intend to give the South Park residence
Who is behind the metrosexual fad
What instrument can all black people play
What restaurant do old people eat at
What restaurant is Kyle's birthday at
Name on of the Mormon children
What is the anti-smoking singing group's name
What is Stan's goth name
Newfoundland is connected to what city by the only road in Canada
What weapon is actually used to attack Butters
What award does Cartman win at the special olympics
What film does Stan claim he already got his money back for
Who is the South Park dance coach
What day is Butters birthday
What last name does Michael Jackson use
What is the slang term for a time traveler
What mascot name does Cartman suggest
What pond is Wal-Mart built on
What game do the boys play that causes a fire
Who is the weather man for Sexy Action School News
What competition does Mr. Slave beat Paris Hilton at
Who is the left hand killer
Which woodland critter is pregnant with the anti-Christ
What operation makes Kyle a better basketball player
What is the worst kind of hippie
Who is the wife of the City Wok owner
What does Kenny use to defeat the armies of Hell
What 'super hero' parent does Randy fight at the State finals
What causes the 'death' of Cartman
What is the name of Jimmy's prostitue
When will global warming hit
What is Butter's girl name
Who is Kyle's original partner for the egg project
What kind of ginger is Kyle
What celebrity is first sent to get Tom Cruise out of the closet
What is the whale's name
What disease does the Bloody Mary cure Randy of
What group brainwashes Chef
Whose acceptance speech causes a large smug cloud
What does Cartman use to travel to California to get Family Guy pulled
What non South Park character also hates Family Guy
What is the name of Towelie's best seller
What creature does Al Gore raise awarness for
Who trains Cartman to be a good child
What weapon does Stan use to save the World of Warcraft
Who took a dump in the Urinal
While hallway monitor, who is Cartman's bitch
Who doesn't Satan want his party to be like
What game counsel can't Cartman wait for
What does Cartman go by in the future
What professional team does Stan's Pee Wee Hockey team play
Who are people that annoy you
What camp does Butters go to to cure his bicuriousness
Who is the main male lice character
What is Hillary Clinton's knickname
Who is the rightful Pope
What is the name of the lesbian bar
What city was destroyed by homeless people
What TV show plans on showing Cartman's tourettes interveiw with Chris Hanson
Who competes with Randy for the record of biggest poop
What does the Imaginationland Mayor sing to enter Imaginationland
What area of the Pentagon is Cartman able to break into
Who is the leader of the Nine
What song do the boys play on guitar hero
What is the name of the operation that gets the list of cutest boys from the girls
What is the cure for HIV/AIDS
After Britney Spears, who is the next celebrity planned to be sacrificed for a good harvest
What is the name of Gerald's plane when he's high
What does WGA stand for
What does Cartman change his name to when he becomes a teacher
Where do the Marshs go to get internet
What is the year in the Pioneer Village
What sports event haunts Cartman's dreams
Who is a breast cancer survivor
What keeps the guinea pigs at bay
Who is the leader of the guinea pigs
What do Obama and McCain plan on stealing
What sport does Bridon Gueerrmo want to play
What are the Goth kids commonly mistaken as
Where does Kenny want to take his new girlfriend to eat
Who is the superhero that gets more attention than The Coon
Name two of Randy's three essentials during the recession
What is the only channel in Canada
Who doesn't understand the fish sticks joke
What currency do the members of South Park find on McGee-zax's ship
What weapon does Kevin weild as a pirate
Who is the first dead celebrity to appear to Ike
What does Butters buy from Sally Darsons
What is Cartman's male wrestling persona
To stop the Japanesse from killing whales, who do the USA tell them bombed Hiroshima
The word fag changes its meaning to this type of person
Cartman tells the school that Wendy is out to kill these imaginary character
What does Cartman want out of the water park
What is the color of the handkerchief in the nice ladies hand
What book makes Butters want to kill John Lennon and Ronald Reagan
What restaurant becomes South Park's marijuana dispenser
Who is given all of Stan's facebook friends
Who leads the celebrities in their class action lawsuit

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