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DefinitionChemistry Term
When balancing equations, it may be necessary to adjust the ______.
As volume increases, pressure decreases.
More gas particles=more collisions=more pressure.
As pressure increases, temperate increases.
As temperature decreases, volume descreases.
P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2
n + 273
Passing of gas through small holes of a membrane.
Dispersion of a substance in areas of high and low altitude.
Physical blend of 2 or more substances
Liquid that requires agitation/settles
Liquid that does not settle
List an example of a colloid
List an example of a suspension
Homogeneous mixture
DefinitionChemistry Term
Substance being disolved
The liquid a substance is being disolved in
Able to dissolve
Not about to dissolve
Two liquids that mix
Two liquids that can't mix
ALWAYS exist between ALL molecules
Temporary attractions based on the random motion of electrons
Permanent attractions between all polar molecules
Very strong attractions between polar molecules
When an element reacts with a compound to produce an element and a compound
A compound reacts with a compound to produce a compund and a compound
When a Carbon and Hydrogen compound reacts with Oxygen to produce a CO2 and H2O
When one compound breaks apart into 2 or more products
When an element reacts with an element to produce a compound

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