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Forced Order
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Thing DonePerson/Treaty/War
US desire to rule continent from coast to coast
Republic formed after break off of Latin America from Europe
Series of reforms to make Mexico a nation-state
Freed Chile from Spain
War between Spanish and Americans over Caribeean islands and Phillippines
French philospher who came up with positivism
The liberator; gained independence from Spain and formed Gran Columbia
Canal made in Panama to ease trade
President who united Peru and Bolivia
gave US half of Mexico's territory
Thing DonePerson/Treaty/War
Using scientific method to make secular choices in government
A dictator-type president of Mexico who ruled for a long time
Founder and first ruler of Brazilian Empire
Early Mexican president who lost land to America and was seen as a loser
First emperor of Mexico
Governor of Buenos Aires
Leader of Mexican War for Independence and advocate for the indigenous
President of Argentina
Mexican emperor who was overthrown but then reclaimed the throne
Emperor of Mexico backed by Napoleon III but was executed

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