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What is the name of Jay's Ex-Wife
What insult does Luke think Claire called Gloria
Where does the family take a vacation for Jay's brithday
Who teaches Gloria to ride a bike?
What is the name of Cam's clown alter ego
What animal does Phil compare Claire's workout habits to
How many tries did it take Haley to get her license
What does Claire say Manny dresses like
What is Phil's valentines day alter ego
What escapes from it cage at Lukes birthday party
What is the name of the choir group Cam created
What is the name of Manny's father
What is the term for the accidental butt touch in the locker room Jay and Cam had?
What does Phil think WTF stand for
What is the name of Manny's turtle Jay killed?
What product does Phil want for his birthday
What sport is Manny 'the best' at
What was the name of Claire and Mitchell's ice dancing team
What gets trapped in the house with Mitchell and Lilly
What character is well known for his lavish brunches
What article of clothing does Mitchell hate on Cam
What is Claire's favorite holiday?
What do Alex, Luke, and Haley get Phil and Claire for their anniversary
What is the theme of Lilly's birthday party?
What is the name of Cam's children book he writes
Who is chosen as the gaurdians of Lilly in case something happens to Mitchell and Cam
Cam get sick right before what concert and Mitchell goes anyway
What cosmetic procedure does Jay undergo which goes wrong
What is the only thing Jay wants to do on his birthday
What Disney movie does Phil know all the dances to

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