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established supreme courts power of judicial review.
one of the most important decisions about the expansion of Federal power.
ruled that in a conflict between national and state power, the national government is supreme.
overturned plessy v. ferguson which supported separate but equal. -integrated schools
state law that discriminated against women was unconstitutional.
legalized a woman’s right to an abortion under certain circumstances.
Ruled that florida recount of presidential votes violated fourteenth amendment; recount stopped bush from becoming president.
courts held the law requiring separate but equal facilities for african americans.
expanded the scope of political speech by protecting all political speech unless it is linked to immediate lawless behavior.
ruled against censorship of information , defining “prior restraint” of written material as unconstitutional.
held that a public school cannot have a morning prayer.
held that a flag burning is expressive speech.
declared that a person accused of a major crime had the right to legal consel during trial.
ruled that at the time of arrests suspects cannot be questioned until informed of their rights.
established supreme courts power of judicial review.
The Kraemers had a private agreement preventing African Americans from owning property on their subdivision. When the Shelleys moved into the Kraemer's neighborhood, the Kraemers b
Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving married in the District of Columbia. The couple was charged because inter-racial marriage was illegal in Virginia. This was ruled unconstitutional.
The court upheld the Civil Rights Act of 1866 that bans discrimination of private and government housing.
The court ruled that in addressing illegal segregation in schools, busing (assigning students transportation to school) was legal.
Allen Bakke was denied admission to the University of California twice, even though his test scores were higher than other accepted students. The court ruled that affirmative actio

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