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All events happened before 1900
In 1796, this famous speech outlined U.S. foreign policy for over 100 years
Thomas Jefferson acquired this plot of land from Napoleon in 1803
War Hawks urged war with England after the impressments of U.S. sailors in this war
This man made water way connected western markets to eastern ports
In this compromise, Henry Clay declared the 36-30 line would determine whether new states would be 'free' or 'slave'
The 'Trail of Tears', was a result of this act which forced Native Americans in the east to live on reservations in the west
He invented the Cotton Gin, an invention that revolutionized farming in the south
This provision in the Compromise of 1850 allowed states to choose whether or not they would be 'free' or 'slave'
This book outlined the evils of slavery
All events happened before 1900
His raid on Harpers Ferry struck fear in every plantation owner in the south
The election of this president in 1860 led to the south to secede from the Union
What was President Lincoln's goal during the Civil War?
This law freed slaves during the Civil War, but only in southern states
These politicans believed the south should be treated harshly after the Civil War
This terrorist group, terrorized African-Americans throughout the south
This railroad connected the east to the west
This compromise was the unoffical end of Reconstruction

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