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Name the presidential actions
George Washington established this group of advisors that would help aid him as President, its not written in the constitution
Thomas Jefferson's land aquisition from Napoleon, was called this (HINT* a large amount of land in the west)
Andrew Jackson fired government employees and replaced them with friends and close members of his party, it was called
Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in southern states when he issued this
Abraham Lincoln suspended this from U.S. citizens during the Civil War, so the government could quiet anti-war sentiments
Teddy Roosevelt issued this governement plan of action in order to accuse the problems of the Gilded Age
One of Roosevelt's efforts to preserve the enviornment was called
Woodrow Wilson created this law to strengthen the Sherman-Anti-Trust Act
Woodrow Wilson created this plan of action to create peace in the world after World War 1
Woodrow Wilson sponsered this world organization, created after WW1, which would allow world powers to discuss their problems before going to war
Name the presidential actions
President Coolidge's cabinet members were involved in this scandal, which created anti-government sentiment in the United States
This president believed that if the government did little, the economy would turn around on its own during the Great Depression
Franklin D. Roosevelt created a series of government programs which underlied his three goals of relief, recovery, reform. What is the name of this?
In order to get more of his laws and policies passed, FDR decides on a new strategy to add more supreme court justices who will aprove of his plan. What is the name of this?
President Truman outlined his reason for helping Western Europe ag/communism
Truman approves of this, which sent aid (money) to Western European countries, in order to turn them away from communism
President John F. Kennedy approved of this covert (secret) invasion of Cuba. The attack failed.
President Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty and racial discrimination when he created this
President Ronald Regan created this economic policy, which was an effort to fix the economy by cutting taxes and increasing deficit spending

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