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Forced Order
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Name the American Wars and terms during
Stamp Act, Sugar Act, Proclamation Act of 1763 were all causes of this war
War Hawks, impressionments, were terms from this war
The Alamo, became a rallying cry for Americans to get involved in this war
This term was given, when settlers in the new territories, voted to determine whether their state would be a 'slave' or 'free' state
This book, written by Harriet Beecher Stowe, outlined the evils of slavery
The election of this president in 1860 caused the south to secede from the Union
After the battle of Antietam, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the southern states when he issued this document
This period after the Civil War, when the country attempted to recover from the war and re-build the south, was known as
The Zimmerman Telegraph and the sinking of the Lusitania, were causes of American involement in this war
After the Great War, Woodrow Wilson created this document which outlined 14 ways to achieve peace in the world
Name the American Wars and terms during
One way Wilson believed the world achieve peace was by creating a world organization that would discuss their problems, before going to war, was called
While World War 2, allowed the United States to escape the Depression, FDR's government program that helped America during the Great Depression was called
A Japanese attack on this naval base, propelled the United States to get involved in World War 2
This was the first city that the United States dropped an atomic bomb on, in hopes to find a quick end to the war
After the World War 2, the United States entered in this war with the Soviet Union, eventhough there was no military engagements with the two sides
This was the Cold War policy of the United States
During this war the United States, wanted to keep the enemy in north of the 38th Parallel
This war in southeast Asia was a damaging war for the United States, it sparked protest and created anti-government sentiment in the U.S.
This was an example of non-military competition between the U.S. and the Soviet Union
This war in 1990, the U.S. gave aid to Saudi Arabia and pushed back Saddam Hussein's forces back into Iraq

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