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What was Pixar's first short film?They could only use shapes, since animation was new back then...
Which of Pixar's movies is [will be] a trilogy?#1 was the 1st Pixar full- length feature film.
Who directed the first three Pixar films?He likes to wear Hawaiian shirts.
What was Toy Story originally going to be? It was going to be shorter than it is...
Where is the Pizza Planet truck in Finding Nemo? The Pizza Planet truck is in every Pixar movie.
Where is A-113 in Toy Story?A-113 is also in all of them...
And what about John Ratzinberger in Monsters, Inc.?Again, EVERY SINGLE ONE...
Which NASCAR racer portrayed The King in Cars?He was retired when he voiced The King...
Which Pixar movie is the best selling DVD-video film of all time?40,000,000 copies!
What does WALLE stand for?The last word is hyphenated.

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