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Can you name the things that have their state abberviation replaced with the full state name?

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Airport security need; could be a driver's license or passport
French general and namesake of the main Paris airport
Very racy motion picture rating
Parody singer of 'Amish Paradise' and 'Eat It'
Mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices
How you'd be travelling if you were headed SW and did a 180
Landmark with four carved presidential faces
Long-running NBC legal drama set in California
There are 8 of these in a cup, or 16 in a pint
System for electronic amplification including a mixer and loudspeakers
Popular western fast-food burger joint
Former longtime leader of North Korea
Cabinet-level agency currently headed by Vietnam vet Eric Shinseki
HintAnswerLiteral Answer
omg, translated
Removable memory device common in digital cameras
Fox medical drama with Hugh Laurie
Red Sox first-baseman who won the 1995 AL MVP
Phrase spoken millions of times every Halloween
Content rating for shows such as South Park and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Automatic weapon known as one of the first true assault rifles ever manufactured
David Spade sitcom, or what you WOULDN'T say to someone holding the above
Comic strip that has run continuously since 1954
Common medical test employing 3-D x-ray imaging
Water-based lubricant produced by Johnson & Johnson
Acclaimed Radiohead album
Common chat response to 'what's up?'

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