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Poker Authors
Super System 
The Theory of Poker 
Check-Raising the Devil 
Ace on the River 
Play Poker Like the Pros 
The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King 
Positively Fifth Street 
The Biggest Game in Town 
Online Ace 
Top Ten Online Poker Sites (by US traffic, October 2009)
'The Magician' 
'Action Dan' 
'Johnny World' 
'The Master' 
'The Unabomber' 
'Amarillo Slim' 
'The Razor' 
Players with 2 or more WPT Titles
US States with A WPT Stop (Ever)
Countries with a WPT Stop (Ever)
Poker Varieties
7-card game where the lowest 5-card hand wins 
A Hold'em variety where players are dealt 3 cards 
Players are dealt 4 cards, and the pot is split between the best hand and the 'worst' hand 
Mixed game featuring hold'em, omaha, and three stud varieties 
A four-card lowball variant where traditional hand rankings are changed 
Variant played with 13 cards which are then divided into three separate hands (popular with high stakes players) 
Abbreviations & Acronyms
WSOP Main Event 2nd Place Finishers
2000, 2nd to Ferguson 
2001, 2nd to Mortensen 
2002, 2nd to Varkonyi 
2003, 2nd to Moneymaker 
2004, 2nd to Raymer 
2005, 2nd to Hachem 
2006, 2nd to Gold 
2007, 2nd to Yang 
2008, 2nd to Eastgate 
Online Aliases
WSOP 2009 'November Nine' Final Table
Starting Hand or Made Hand Nicknames
Animal nickname for pocket 2's 
Animal nickname for pocket 3's 
A Tele Savalas crime show, or a nickname for JK 
Known as 'the computer hand' due to its overall averageness 
Musical genre nickname of J-5 
Known as the Doyle Brunson, since Brunson won 2 WSOP main events holding these cards 
Tennis player after whom AK is sometimes named, because they are both 'pretty but never win.' 
An ace high straight, or a street in New York 
Nautical nickname for pocket 4's 
1933/2005 big ape movie, or the nickname for a big pocket pair 
Nickname for 9-5, after the actress star of 'Nine to Five.' 
In 7-card stud, the term for being dealt three of the same card to start the hand 
Unable to catch any card or combination of cards that would produce a winning hand 
The seat two to the right of the button 
Chilly term for a (generally unavoidable) situation where the cards dictate that one player will lose a big pot to another 
A stack of chips of one denomination that inadvertantly contains one or more chips of another denomination 
A hand in which all players fold to the big blind without any raises 
A bluff reraise after one or more players has called the original raise 
A small bluff, generally at the end of a hand, that is designed to look like a value bet (term popularized by Doyle Brunson) 
Colorful term for a flop of three different suits in hold'em or omaha 
A hand made by hitting two consecutive cards on the turn and river 
Animal term for dealing out the rest of a hand, even after the hand is over (in order to see what would have happened) 
Poker TV Commentators
WSOP: Humorous color commentator known for talking about his many ex-wives 
WSOP: Play-by Play commentator 
WPT: 2009 Poker hall of fame inductee and head commentator 
WPT: Male co-commentator and actor 
High Stakes Poker: Former 'Welcome Back Kotter' actor 
High Stakes Poker: Co-host 
Poker After Dark: Male 'narrator' 
Face the Ace: 'Soprano's' actor 
ESPN WSOP Segments
Beef jerkey themed hand in which one player's hole cards are not revealed 
Light, humorous segment that includes an exploration of a different 'topic' each week, such as prop betting, annoying table habits, etc. 
Segment where the lead commentator faces off one-on-one with a poker pro, in events such as the dunk tank or mini golf 
Peanut-themed weekly segment featuring a player making a sound decision 
Mid-2000's deoderant-sponsored segment where one player is risking his tournament life each week 
Site of the first WSOP, in 1970 
Site of the WSOP since 2005 
Elite Vegas casino that hosts several WPT events each year, including the WPT Championship 
LA casino that hosts the annual 'Legends of Poker' event 
Melbourne casino that hosts the annual Aussie Millions 
Northeastern casino that hosts the WPT World Poker Finals annually 
Glitzy Atlantic City casino that has hosted numerous WPT events 
Host of the formerly televised US Poker Championships 
Home casino to the NBC Heads-up Championships, since 2006 
Misc. Trivia
The last player to win the Main Event in back to back years 
The first player to win the Main Event 
Three-time Main Event Champion who died of a (presumed) cocaine overdose 
John Malkovich's character's name in 'Rounders' 
'Mad Genius of Poker' known for literally writing the book on tells 
1965 Steve McQueen poker movie 
Legendary figure after whom the 'Dead Man's Hand' is named 
Winner of the innaugural $50,000 HORSE event at the WSOP 
The hold'em starting hand you would be holding if you had a double-belly-buster draw on an A-T-8 flop 
More Misc. Trivia
Collective name for British pros Joe Beevers, Barny Boatman, Ross Boatman, and Ram Vaswani 
2008 WSOP-Europe Main Event champ and four-time bracelet winner whose initials are the same as 'fish hooks' 
Home country of Patrik Antonius 
Player seen losing the final hand of the 1988 WSOP in the movie 'Rounders' 
Poker pro who feuded with Joan Rivers on 'Celebrity Apprentice' 
Poker pro who appeared on 'Survivor: China' 
Prior to ESPN, the last network to provide WSOP coverage (in 2000 and 2001) 
Total number of WSOP bracelets to be awarded in 2009 (Las Vegas WSOP only) 

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