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This Broadway musical was transplanted to a custom-built theater inside the Venetian, complete with a souped-up chandelier, where it ran for more than 2600 performances.Entertainment
The original home of the Poker Hall of Fame, this still-operating downtown casino and gambling hall was the original home of the World Series of Poker.Gaming
The Las Vegas Valley is located in this desert, which spans parts of four US states and is the only known habitat for the Joshua tree.Geography
This famed ancient stadium serves as inspiration and namesake for the longtime primary entertainment venue at Caesars Palace.History
Vegas closes the Strip to car traffic and celebrates this holiday with more than 80,000 choreographed fireworks shot off from 7 resorts.Holiday
LASVEGAS is an anagram for this word, meaning ''recovers, as a shipwreck'' or ''extracts some value from an otherwise worthless situation or object.''Just For Fun
Named by Spanish traders (who passed through but did not settle in Las Vegas), the city's name is literally translated as this.Language
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, this author's most noted work, chronicles a drug-fueled road trip taken by its main characters, Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo.Literature
This major clothing e-retail firm relocated its headquarters to the former City Hall building in 2013 and injected considerable money into revitalizing downtown Las Vegas.Miscellaneous
Spawning a trilogy and instantly cementing itself in Vegas cultural lore, this 2009 film features the exploits of four friends celebrating a bachelor party in Las Vegas.Movies
Since 2011, this massive dance music festival has held its flagship event in the Las Vegas desert each June, drawing hundreds of thousands of attendees.Music
Vegas has become the ''capital of the world'' for this type of religious or civil ceremony, accounting for roughly 5% of all such licenses issued in the USA annuallyReligion
Las Vegas features a museum dedicated to this element (atomic number 10), or perhaps more accurately to the historic signs that it fuels.Science
The AAA Pacific Coast League affiliate of the New York Mets, the Las Vegas 51s, are named after this mysterious locale, which is situated around 80 miles north of the city.Sports
Set in Las Vegas, this popular CBS procedural drama was finally canceled in 2015 (after 15 seasons) and inspired multiple spin-offs set in other cities.Television

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