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ClueAnswerRung #
☞ The Big Apple ☜1
American film production studio2
Railroad sandwiched between Pennsylvania Ave. and Chance3
Stenographer's language4
Stroke for Federer or Navratilova5
Retrace one's steps6
CD's predecessor's predecessor7
It ends many billiards games8
Chris Matthews TV show9
Music memorabilia themed restaurant chain10
☞ Drive 20 hours WSW from [Rung 1] ☜11
Its World Series is held in Williamsport, PA12
Slang term referring to a cheap, unfair action, or to anything sub-par or of lower grade.13
Theme parks located in Williamsburg, VA and Tampa, FL14
Open-air areas where alcoholic drinks and local foods are served15
Ornamental mug for ales and stouts16
'Bueller?...Bueller?' droned this actor/game-show host17
Bulls/Pistons hoopster who won the NBA Sixth Man Award in '0518
Sci-fi adventure comic strip hero19
CBS police drama, or a Rolling Stones live album20
Word and Excel companion21
Turn off an electric device, like a cell phone22
Short-lived but acclaimed Starz sitcom about LA caterers23
Gift given to attendees at a gathering24
Please in Spanish25
Easily transported; good for a road trip, perhaps26
Where you might find [Rung 8]27
Shirtless object of a housewife's flirtations?28
Cult favorite South Korean revenge movie29
Popular Maryland crab seasoning30
☞ Drive 14 hours NNE from [Rung 11] ☜31
Varities of this vegetable include Burpees stringless and haircots verts32
Nickname of popular boxer/wrestler Eric Esch33
The last name in pancake syrup?34
ClueAnswerRung #
☞ Drive 19 hours SW from [Rung 31] ☜35
☞ Drive 17 hours NE from [Rung 35] ☜36
Western star of 'The Searchers' and 'True Grit'37
Name shared by two consecutive Popes who reigned from 1978 to 200538
☞ Drive 10 hours NW from [Rung 36] ☜39
Renowned children's research hospital located in Memphis40
Seven-minute-plus Beatles chart-topper41
Nicktoon that aired from 1996 to 200442
Famous Revolutionary defector whose name is synonomous with treason43
Succeeded [Rung 38] II as Pope.44
Ruling from 1774 to 1791, he is the only King of France ever to be executed45
Jazz trumpeter and 'What a Wonderful World' singer46
Livestrong cyclist47
'N Sync member48
2011 Nicki Minaj hit49
2011 Spielberg-produced movie, or a chain of motels50
Consists of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK, and the USA51
________ and Special Sauce52
HBO drama about a polygamist family53
☞ Drive 19 hours South from [Rung 39] (nickname) ☜54
Egg preparation with runny yolks55
Defined as clouds covering all or most of the sky56
Late 90s Sega gaming console57
Australia's largest theme park, or a term for any surreal setting58
Home of Shamu59
Popular name for brine shrimp, novelty aquarium pets often sold to children60
British indie rock band61
Northernmost of the world's 5 major bodies of water62
Body of water famously crossed by Charles Lindbergh63
☞ Drive 21 hours NE from [Rung 54] ☜64
☞ Drive 18 hours West from [Rung 64] ☜65
'Somebody to Love' and 'White Rabbit' band66
Toy glider made of flimsy, disposable material67
1973 film for which Tatum O'Neal famously won an Oscar (at age 10)68
ClueAnswerRung #
Belgian-style beer, or the rest of the phrase 'Once in a _____'69
Stock with a national reputation for quality and reliability70
Pringles or Lays product71
Mr. ___________ ('Toy Story' character)72
Term for someone's unruly hair, as if they just woke up73
Hospital fixture used for toileting a bedridden patient74
Comic delivery where humor is presented without change in emotion or body language75
'_________ tell no tales'76
Emmy-winning AMC advertising drama77
Colloquial term for a mental institution78
Belushi frat-comedy classic79
Zoo-themed cookies80
Popular July 4th accessories81
Found outside most [Rung 1] apartment windows82
With 'The,' Steve McQueen WWII movie83
One of five bodies of water starting just east of [Rung 31]84
☞ Drive 19 hours West from [Rung 65] (______ City) ☜85
Contents of [Rungs 62, 63, and 85]86
☞ Drive 38 hours SE from [Rung 85] ☜87
Visine competitor88
Some flights from [Rung 100] to [Rung 1]89
Netflix (er...Qwikster?) rival90
Audio recording device sought after in NTSB investigations91
Can result from a power outage, or a night of drinking92
Action taken by a firm's majority shareholders that pressures minority holders to sell93
Childhood recess game where you might become a statue94
Shredded, pan-fried potato96
'Da Vinci Code' author97
Dolphins Hall-of-Fame QB98
Europe's third-smallest country99
☞ Drive 47 hours WNW from [Rung 87]. Or maybe take a plane. ☜100

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