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Can you name the people who have received nominations for all 4 of the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards)?

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American writer, lyricist
American actor, director, screenwriter
American actor, writer, director
Australian actress
British actress, singer, director
American playwright and lyricist
American singer, composer, pianist
American composer, conductor
American composer, conductor, pianist
American director, screenwriter, comedian*
American songwriter, bebop pianist
American actress
Welsh actor
American lyricist, musician
American actress, singer
American actress
American composer, songwriter, pianist
American lyricist
American actor
American actress
American actress
English actor, director, producer*
American comedienne, talk show host*
American actor, singer, dancer
American composer, conductor*
American actress
American actress*
British actress*
American actress
English actor
Australian actor
American actor
American composer, producer
American composer
British American actress, singer
French composer, arranger, pianist
American actor, musician
American songwriter*
American composer, pianist
American singer, songwriter actress
American actress, singer
American actor, playwright, composer
Puerto Rican singer, dancer, actress*
German director, writer, comedian*
American animator, director, musician
American singer, songwriter, actress
American-Bahamian actor, director
German-American pianist, conductor
English actress
English actress
American composer*
American singer, actress
American producer*
American songwriter, composer
English actor
American composer, lyricist, arranger
American musician, singer, songwriter
American actor, director, screenwriter
British singer
American actress
American singer, actress, director
American comedienne, producer
American actor, producer, director
American director, composer*
English actor, dramatist
American composer
American actor, director, producer
American actor
American composer, director, actor
German composer, producer

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