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Who is Frieza's Brother?
Who is Frieza's Father?
Who killed Frieza For the Last Time?
When Frieza came back to earth/Mecha Frieza 
Who did Piccolo fuse with in the Frieza Saga?
What is the name of Vegeta's signature move?
Who invented the Kamehameha move?
What is the name of Gohan's Alter-ego?
What is the name of Gohan's high school?
Who destroyed Vegeta's Planet?
Who is Goku's Father?
His real sayain father 
What is Piccolo's home planet?
Who was Kid Buu's reincarnation?
What is the name of the Dragon that lives in the Earth Dragonballs?
Who is Android #18 twin Brother?
What is the name of Goku's wife?
What else does Yamcha do besides fight?
What is Goku's and Vegeta's Heritage?
What is Broly's nickname?
Who was Bulma's Boyfriend before Vegeta?
Who created Cell?
Who are frieza's Top Henchmen?
The two Henchmen who he trust the most 
What is Trunks last name?
What is the name of Broly's father?
Who is the youngest person to turn Super Saiyan?
What is the name of King Kai's monkey?
What is the name of Gohan's pet when he was younger?
What bothers namekian's ears?
Movie:Lord Slug 
Who is the Captain of the Ginyu force?
This one is a freebie =) 
What is the name of Gohan's girlfriend?
What is the name of the guy that has a crush on videl in high school?
Who killed Cell?
Who killed frieza?

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