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What is the name of the game than Connor is obsessed with playing?
Why did Drew get into a fight with Fitz?
What did Adam do to hurt himself when he was a girl?
What is Bianca's talent?
What is Adam doing in remedial gym?
What is the name of the game that Alli and her friends played at her house party?
What is the name of the girl that made out with Fiona's ex-boyfriend?
Also the girl that holly j thought Declan was cheating on her with 
What position on the Football team does Drew and Riley want?
What did Eli run over that belonged to Clare?
What type of Car does Eli drive?
What show did Bianca say she see people like Adam on?
What does Jenna aspire to be?
What was the weird combination of food does jenna eat?
Who are Adam's friends?
What color are Clare's Eyes?
What type of surgery did Clare get?
What did Mr.Simpson give the students as a substitute for chairs?
What was the name of the song that Jenna sung at Next Teen Star?
What are the names of the school Bullies?
Two Boys 
What is the name of the cheerleader that Drew went on a date with to try to get over Alli?
What is the name of the show that Jenna went on to display her singing talent?
What is the name of Jenna's half-brother?
How far along was Jenna pregnant when she finds out?
What is the name of the band Sav wants to see when he stole his father car?
What college does Declan want to go to?
How much did Riley bet on Zane in the Bachelor auction?
What happened to Eli's ex-girlfriend?
What is the name of Eli's ex-girlfriend?
What did Fiona start to drink?
What is the theme of the dance that Holly j, Sav, and Fiona wants to have?
Who does Adam start to hangout with after eli ditches him for Clare?
Who was Adam supposed to sparr with, but he refused to because he was a girl?
What kind of bomb did Clare set off in the class?
What did Clare do so that Fitz would leave Adam and Eli alone?
Where does Drew and Bianca go to have oral sex?
At what time did Bianca want Drew to meet her in the boiler room?
Who was Sav dressed as at the dance?
Who won King and Queen at the Night In Vegas dance?
Who did Alli go into the boiling room with to get revenge on Drew?
What did Clare want Eli to do to Fitz in order to end the feud?
What happened to Fitz at the end on The Boiling Point?
How much did Owen say a boy would pay to hook-up with Alli?
not the amount he ACTUALLY paid 
What was the prize they won if they collected the most chips at the end of the dance?
What is the name of Fiona's ex-boyfriend?
The one that abused her 

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