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Can you provide the word(s) beginning with A-Z that complete the phrase 'Black ____'?

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ClueBlack _____Letter
2003 recording by rapper Jay-Z that debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200A
1877 novel by English author Anna SewellB
A sign of bad luck in Western superstition; Le Chat NoirC
The pandemic that killed over 50 million people in the 14th centuryD
Possible consequence of a bar brawl or a dishonored reputationE
Theatrical makeup worn in minstrel shows; considered racially offensive by today's standardsF
Slang term for petroleumG
A great void, an abyssH
A dangerous hazard of winter drivingI
Chess piece that begins the game at E8K
Colloquiallism for the disease known as Coal Worker's Pneumoconiosis (CWP)L
Extortion or coercion by threats; especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution M
ClueBlack _____Letter
A common Eurasian weed having poisonous leaves, white flowers, and edible black berriesN
A regulatory ban on the broadcasting of an eventO
A militant black political party founded in 1965P
A face card of spades or clubsQ
Critically endangered mammal species of eastern and central AfricaR
The worst member of the familyS
Wall Street Crash of 1929T
Alkaptonuria; a rare genetic disorder that affects metabolism and leads to kidney stonesU
West African river flowing from Burkina Faso to GhanaV
Eastern North American tree whose wood is used for gunstocks and furnitureW
Color choice of a Microsoft gaming consoleX
Umbrella term for a diverse group of slow-moving microfungiY
Supernatural astrological circle containing Thirteen Ghosts in the 2001 horror filmZ

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