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Aaron retrieves the silver bells with one of the three wise men (Hint: Its a sequel)1976
Main characters name is the title, he's a 'Frosty' character but not a snowman, groundhog sings February 2!1979
Takes place in Somber Town, has a penguin friend named Topper1970
Main character's name is in the title, he is made fun of for his long floppy donkey ears1977
Silly wooden boy puppet wants to buy his father a Christmas gift, conned by a fox and a cat1980
Santa gets a cold decides and to cancel Christmas, two brothers control the weather1974
Orphan shepard boy lives with nuns, snows for the first time on Christmas1975
He's not allowed to play any reindeer games1964
Mice Family, trying to repair a clock in time for Christmas (based on a book)1974
The Great Ak, how Santa became immportal, Santa is raised by a Lioness1985
He has two eyes made out of coal1969
Orphaned boy, plays the drum, follows the North Star to Bethlehem1968
A guiding cricket friend lives on a hearth, Bertha loses her sight and her beloved but gets both back in the end1967
Jack Frost is mean to Frosty, Crystal (Frosty's wife) comes to life1976
The Archipelago Islands of Last Years, baby new year runs away, rudolph is the hero1976

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