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Name the Seinfeld episode that matches the description given

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Jerry is aggrevated when a woman uses him as a subject for her show; Elaine doesn't understand a cartoon
Jerry ends up in a weightlifting contest with an older man (Lloyd Bridges); a beautiful woman mistakes George for her ex-boyfriend
George ingratiates himself with his boss by sharing a delectable calzone with him
Competing comic Bania warms to Jerry's crowd; Elaine and David unite for a European trip; Kramer reconsiders butter
George searches for a way to stop his impending wedding even as he and Susan are selecting their wedding invitaions
Pilot Episode
Jerry is forced to care for the disobedient dog of a man he met on a plane
George leaves several awkward messages on a girlfriend's answering machine, then decides to steal the tape
Kramer and his soft-spoken friend Leslie start a new line of clothing and Jerry accidentally agrees to wear it on the Today show
George loses his glasses at the health club

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