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Can you name as many Breaking Bad Characters as you can?

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Main character
Captain Cook
Walt's wife
Has Cerebra Palsy
DEA Agent
Better Call him
Los Pollos Hermanos owner
The Cleaner
Mike's granddaughter
Shoots Drew Sharp
Uptight Madrigal employee
Hank's partner
Hank's first ASAC
Promotes Hank to ASAC
APD Detective
Gus' first partner
Sets up the superlab
Mike shoots him in the hand
Madrigal warehouse operator
Gus' Doctor
Replaces Victor
Takes on Lydia's hit list
Manager of Industrial laundry
Throat cut by box cutter
Mike's guys' lawyer
Runs the Cartel
Killed by Mexican police
Rings a bell
Tight tight tight
Scary cousin 1
Scary cousin 2
Cartel muscle man
Tuco's fat bodyguard
Tuco beats him to death
Always finishes first
Phoenix distributor
Jesse's first partner
Choked with bike lock
Todd's uncle
Jack's friend
Jerk lawyer
Jesse meets her at a meeting
Andrea's son
Kills Combo
Rides a dirtbike
Jesse's neighbour
Air Control Opperator
Gives Jesse the RV
Talented at the keyboard
Dollar Bill mascot
Jesse's dad
Jesse's mom
Jesse's brother
Drinks root beer and turns tricks
Saul's bodyguard
Second half of the 'A' team
Saul's secretary
Has affair with Skyler
Owns RV lot
Owns junk yard
Junior's best friend
Best Oncologist doctor
Jesse's rehab guide
Arms Dealer
JP Wynne Principal
Skyler's Divorce Attorney
Walt's old girlfriend
Walt's old college roommate
Crushed by ATM machine
Killed Spooge
Walt's daughter
Tio's other grandson
German Madrigal friend of Gus
Los Pollos Hermanos manager
Painted cars for gangsters
Killed by the cousins
Disruptive Student
Walt's Neighbour
Walt's Neighbour
Fake Heisenberg
Twaughthammer member
Cartel Meth Chemist
Lydia's daughter
Busts Badger with meth
Marie's Therapist
Junior's long haired friend
Andrea's grandmother
Chemistry student
Shows Gus the 'pisser'
Buys Walt's Aztec for $50
The Pinkman's Sales Rep
Beneke Fabricators Receptionist
They kill Tomas
Madrigal CEO
IRS Agent
Schuler's Receptionist

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